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Key Offerings | Gurukul Overseas

As a young and energetic team we are ideally positioned to fulfill your dreams and reach the pinnacle of your career.

Personal Assessment:

In depth questionnaire to fully understand our students based on their personality, hobbies, interests, financial situation, academic background, career goals, plus other characteristics as well as academic strengths and areas for improvement. This is an important step in narrowing down what higher educational institutions will be a good fit for the student.

Life in the United States

Gurukul Overseas will provide a general overview about living and studying in the United States. Advisers will cover safety, academics, costs, scholarships, internships, employment, international student services, geographic location, climate, local culture, and any other questions about the country and specific institutions.

Career Interests and Guidance

This is where the student will discuss what his/her dreams are for a future career. This information will provide Gurukul Overseas a more in depth perspective as to the major the student should be selecting or programs that should be a good match for the student.

College Planning and Selection

With well over 4,500 educational institutions within the United States, college selection could be overwhelming. Gurukul Overseas admissions advisers will review and evaluate the student’s academic background and test scores narrowing down the list to 5-10 universities that would be a good match.

Entrance Exam Counseling

Before the application process begins, we will provide guidance as well as ensure that our clients have successfully completed all college entrance requirements. These requirements can vary greatly from institution to institution, the academic level of the students, and academic program choices.


English Language Placement and Conditional Admission

Students who need to improve their English language skills in order to meet the minimum TOEFL or IELTS requirements must take intensive English classes first. Many universities offer conditional admission and allow students to continue as degree-seeking students as soon as they receive the minimum required test score. Gurukul Overseas advisers will assist students in identifying a good fit university with a strong intensive English language program.

Admission and Application Support

Gurukul Overseas advisers discuss each selected university’s admission requirements, steps, documents required, and application timelines. The advisers will assist with online application submission, answer questions, advise on the documents needed, and if requested by the student, collect the documents on behalf of the student for submission.

Essay and Personal Statement Review

Depending on the University of Choice, an essay and/or personal statement may be required. While students are responsible for completing this important prerequisite, our highly knowledgeable staff will review and make suggestions to make these documents as strong as possible.

Document Preparation and Submission

This is the final stage of the application process. We ensure that all required documents have been compiled, submitted, and received by the universities. We will follow up with each of the universities to make sure that all documents have been received.

Application Follow-Up

Gurukul Overseas advisers will follow up with respective universities to find out student’s application status. If student is denied admission, we will get an answer as to why. If the student is offered admission by 2 or more institutions, our team will help to further breakdown the schools to help you make that final selection.

Other Services

Student Visa Counseling

Gurukul Overseas advisors will discuss important matters concerning the interview process when applying for a U.S. student visa.

Medical Health Insurance and Immunizations Counseling

International students are required to have adequate health insurance in the U.S. Universities typically offer students to purchase their designated health insurance plan. However, students may also receive a waiver if they have other insurance that is comparable to the universities’ minimum coverage. Gurukul Overseas advisors will discuss suitable options including immunizations and required health documents.

Housing Counseling

This service includes on-campus housing or off-campus housing guidance.

Pre-departure Orientation

This service will prepare our students for their trip and academic journey ahead. Topics will cover practical information such as cultural, educational, social, and personal matters to familiarize students with the U.S. academic life. Topics range from what to pack, shopping, banking, phone services, medical providers, culture shock, academic expectations, and more.

Student Support Services

Gurukul Overseas advisors assist students with their personal and academic needs. Our advising covers a wide range of topics such as career advising, internships and employment, transferring to another school, medical providers, tutoring support, and many more.